PROFILSAN founded in 1999 in Bursa manufactures mdf cover profile coated with PVC, light band, crown profile, skirting, prokapak, prodoor and MDF cover panels with high tech machinery. Forging ahead in the sector with its quality and service perception Profilsan got a safe place in domestic and foreign sectors. The company has got a wide product range of which resist water, impact and rot manufactured with high tech and sensitive production. The products, quality material, color and form combination creates different places. Profilsan takes fast and qualified service to the customers in every production phase with its experienced engineer and technical staff as a goal. With our works within the perception of targeting to be different in the sector we have brought to the sector a different perspective in production with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System since February 2004. We target quality products as well as service, customer satisfaction and consumer oriented system with with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. About the products that we present to the customers and negative / positive opinions we respond in a very short time by the feedback system. The dealers of us also respond to the customers in a very short time with our system. We became a recognized brand in abroad with our exports. With the document apart from being a famous brand it is obvious that we have made progress on preferred brand. Our target is to fulfill the responsibilities of the document and being an active and leading company in domestic and foreign market without sacrificing quality with our products and services. © All rights reserved 2011